Choctaw Elementary School - Faculty

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Administration and Staff Position Email
Mrs. Lidia Principal
Mrs. Davenport Assistant Principal
Ms. Converse Counselor
Ms. Robertson Nurse
Mrs. Hogue Media Specialist
Mrs. Holcomb Secretary
Mrs. Thornton Secretary
Certified Teaching Faculty Grade Email
Mrs. Cook Pre-Kindergarten
Mrs. Johnson Kindergarten
Mrs. Tilton Kindergarten
Mrs. Walton Kindergarten
Mrs. Ferringer First Grade
Ms. Sawyer First Grade
Mrs. Archer Second Grade
Mrs. Brzezinski Second Grade
Ms. Carlton Second Grade
Ms. Biehler Third Grade
Ms. Cook Third Grade
Mrs. Elliott Fourth Grade
Mr. Patterson Fourth Grade
Mrs. Short Fourth Grade
Mrs. Frost Fifth Grade
Mrs. Rhoads Fifth Grade
Mrs. Knoble Music
Mrs. Wilson Physical Education
Mrs. Gragert SEARCH
Mrs. Gray SEARCH
Ms. Ayers Teacher
Ms. Capps Teacher
Mrs. Cramer Teacher
Ms. Fruit Teacher
Mrs. Grayson Teacher
Ms. Henton Teacher
Mrs. Lamb Teacher
Ms. Langlois Teacher
Mrs. Manning Teacher
Ms. Ray Teacher
Mrs. Vaughn Teacher
Ms. Gillingham OT/PT
Ms. Ille OT/PT
Mrs. Murphy OT/PT
Mrs. Thompson OT/PT
Mrs. Wiechman OT/PT
Support Personnel Position Email
Ms. Barnette Paraprofessional
Ms. Capps Paraprofessional
Mrs. Coffin Paraprofessional
Mrs. Dunbar Paraprofessional
Mrs. Eitel Paraprofessional
Mrs. Ellringer Paraprofessional
Mrs. Frost Paraprofessional
Mrs. Ipock Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Johnson Paraprofessional
Mrs. Kaminski Media Assistant
Mrs. Kunkle SEARCH Assistant
Ms. McClain Paraprofessional
Ms. Nay Paraprofessional
Mrs. Noe Paraprofessional
Ms. Ridley Paraprofessional
Mrs. Saxton Nurse's Assistant
Mrs. Taft Paraprofessional
Mrs. Vanderlinde Paraprofessional
Ms. Walcott Paraprofessional
Mrs. West Paraprofessional