Choctaw High School - Faculty

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Administration and Staff Position Email
Michael James Principal
Scott David Assistant Principal
David Dooley Assistant Principal - Freshman Academy
Jackie Harris Assistant Principal
Debbie Worley Assistant Principal
Cormie're Bishop Counselor
Trisha Christensen Counselor
Kelly Collins Counselor
Terri Marino Counselor
Mike Hessman Athletic Director
Michelle Phelps Media Specialist
Certified Teaching Faculty Subjects Email
Adams, Charity Intro Algebra I, Algebra I, Geometry
Bass, Adam Film/ Stagecraft/TV Production Producer
Beale, Brian US History I & II
Coach: Boy's Basketball
Beaudoin, Heather US History II
Department Head: Social Studies
Beck, Alan Competitive Debate, Speech, English 10
Beckel, Travis US History I
Coach: Softball/Baseball
Brown, Mike AP US History/US History I
Coaching: Boy's Basketball, Baseball
Bryant, Greg US History I, OK History                                       Coach: Football
Burch, Royce Pre AP Physical Science/Physical Science
Burton, Cameron  Algebra I, Algebra II
Jazz Ensemble/Band
Burton, Mary Competitive Drama/Drama I
Burton, Pat College Prep Alg./Math Finance/ACT Prep/
Pre Calculus
Coach: Boy's Tennis
Chandler, Suzy English/Math
Chong, Greg Physical Science/Biology I/Zoology
Coleman, Benny In-School-Intervention
Coach: Wrestling
Corbin, Jake Weight Lifting
Assistant Athletic Director
Coach: Head Football
Coulter, Chad Geometry
Coach: Football/Tennis
Coulter, Melissa AP English 11/English 12
Coach: Cheer
Croom, Helena Geometry, Algebra II
Crouch, Sharon Trigonometry/AP Calculus AB,BC
Crowder, Matt Intro. to Algebra I,I/Pre AP Geometry
Davis, Alisha Forensic Science
Coach: Soccer
Dement, Conne PreAP Algebra II/ Intro Algebra II, II
Dennis, Patty Strategies for Success
Sponsor: National Honor Society
Dyer, Melissa English 11/12, Mythology, and Shakespeare
Eary, Ray Instrumental Music
Director: Band
Edmonds, Matt Physical Education
Coach: Football, Wrestling
Ferguson, Kecia Computer Application II/Digital Tech
Department Head: Business/Computers
Sponsor: Link Crew
Feuerborn, Ethan Oklahoma History/ Government
Coach: Football/Track
Fryar, Mary Life Skills/Social Strategies/US History I,II
Gilbert, Kimes Algebra, Computer Applications I
Coach: Football, Track
Greene, Lyndi Pre-AP Algebra II/College Prep. Algebra
Green, Martisha English
Griggs, Jaime Anatomy/Botany/Zoology
CLASS Sponsor
Hanson, Quenna Pre AP English10/ English 10
Sponsor: Sophomore Class
Harman, Taffy Physical Education, Yoga
Coach: Volleyball, Girl's Basketball
Harvey, Angie AVID/AP English 12/Reading
Department Head: English
Sponsor: Senior Class
Hawk, Meredith PreAP Algebra I/Intro to Algebra I, I
Coach: Cheer
Hawk, Shane Computer Applications I, II
Coach: Baseball
Jarvis, Shelby Physical Science
Jenkins, Eric English 11
Coach: Football/Soccer
Johnson, Dustin English 9/Pre AP English 9/Leadership
Sponsor: Student Council
Johnson, Melissa English 10, English 11
Johnson, Russell Spanish I
Jones, Kevin ROTC
Kelly, Mona English 9/Pre AP English 9
Coach: Girl's Track
Kincheloe, Lacey English 9, English 10, English 11
Kula, Walter ROTC
Lanham, Larry Oklahoma History
Coach: Volleyball, Baseball
Lastinger, Scott Clay Art I, II/ Art
Layman, Joyce Chemistry/College Prep Chemistry/ Biology II
Department Head: Science
Libby, Leslie English 10,11/Biology I,II
Lisenbee, William Biology I
Coach: Basketball
Lucas, Daniel Vocal Music
Director: Choir
Maloney, Ryan US History II
Coach: Girl's Basketball
Mandt, Robert
AP US History
Technology Specialist
Martin, Becky AP World History
Coach: Volleyball/Tennis
Miller, Carol Intro. to Algebra I/Algebra I
Morris, Marc Intro Algebra II/Algebra II
Coach: Football/Baseball
Mudgett, Lindsey Strategies for Success
Coach: Softball
Muscio, Jenny Computer Applications I
Nichols, Dal English 10
Coach: Football, Boy's Golf
Nichols, Sonya Intro. to Algebra II/Algebra II/College Prep. Algebra
O Donnell, Charlie Agricultural Education
Sponsor: FFA 
O'Donnell, Mattie Pre-AP Algebra II/Pre-AP Geometry
Patterson, Tera English, Yearbook
Pinto, Dorothy AP Biology/Biology II
Reaves, Jay World History
Coach: Boy's Cross Country, Boy's Track
Reed, Dustin Strategies for Success
Coach: Wrestling
Nicolas Rubio Oklahoma History/Government
Coach: Football/9th Boy's Basketball
Rueda, Carlos Spanish II, III, IV
Sponsor: Multi-Cultural Club
Sendall, Paula Bio Medical Sciences/ Biology/
Human Body Systems
Coach: Academic Team
Smith, Erin English 9/English 10
Spradlin, Brian Computer Applications II
Coach: Softball, Girl's Basketball, Girl's Golf
Stepanik, Gina FACS
Stone, Leah Pre AP Biology/Principles of Biology/
Human Body Systems/Biology I
Taylor, Amanda Speech
Thomas, Lisa History, Intro Algebra I, Algebra I
Uselton, Bill Civil War/WWI,II/World History
Venzon, Javier Psychology
Coaching: Football
Vinyard, Jessica Intro. to Algebra I, I
Williams, Monica AVID/Biology I
Williams, Teri Life Skills/Science
Wilson, Ricki English 12
Woods, Beverly Intro Algebra II, II
Sponsor: Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Department Head: Special Education
Wooldridge, Brent Physics/Physical Science