Choctaw Middle School - Faculty

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Administration and Staff Position Email
Donna O'Neal Principal
Angela Dudley Assistant Principal
Tami Dorrell Counselor
Shannon Pritchard Counselor
Tracy Cramer Media Specialist
Jessica Blachard Secretary
Shelby Tran Secretary
Jordyn Crawford Secretary
Certified Teaching Faculty Position Email
Glen Adamson Math/English
Elizabeth Akers Science
Jessi Allegre Art
Melinda Anderson Science
Russell Arms Math
Jessica Armstrong English
Richard Boone Family and Consumer Science
Ashley Bower Speech and Drama
Richard Boyd Math
Rebbecca Brandon Business/Computer
Mollie Burch English
Lori Burris Resource Teacher
Amber Carter Resource Teacher
Toni Dennis Math
Kim Eary Band
Ashley Ellman Math
Talin Evans Computer Literacy
Justin Fletcher Math
Cliff Foote Social Studies
Kasey Franks Science
Leslie Hart English, Math, Science, Social Studies
Tami Hartsook Social Studies
Corey Hawk Social Studies
Matt Hawk Physical Education
Brittani Johnson Science
Judy Kula Science
Jonathan Kula Social Studies
Nancy Leiva Spanish
Toni Lewallen English
Amber Mathis Math
Cory McCalister Math
Travis Moman English, Math, Science, Social Studies
Debbie Opichka English
Carri Ritz English
Marcie Simpson Math
Bea Smith ISI
Morgan Stinson Vocal Music
Nels Storm Social Studies
Wesley Toy Social Studies
Tracy White Science
Jennifer Wright English