James Griffith Intermediate School - Faculty

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Administration and Staff Position Email
Hosford, Kelli Principal khosford@cnpschools.org
Giles, Jean Assistant Principal jgiles@cnpschools.org
Keiffer, Shanna Counselor skeiffer@cnpschools.org
Douglas, Lacy Nurse ldouglas@cnpschools.org
Mathis, Sheri Media Specialist smathis@cnpschools.org
Trotter, Brandy Secretary btrotter@cnpschools.org
Chitty, Carissa Secretary cchitty@cnpschools.org
Certified Teaching Faculty Grade Email
Barbee, Amy Third Grade abarbee@cnpschools.org
Bernhardt, Michelle Third Grade mbernhardt@cnpschools.org
Cummins, Lacy Third Grade lcummins@cnpschools.org
Epperly, Susan Third Grade sepperly@cnpschools.org
Seutter, Carlene Third Grade cseutter@cnpschools.org
Sutton, Chelsea Third Grade csutton@cnpschools.org
Taylor, Lynna Third Grade ldtaylor@cnpschools.org
Butler, Michelle Fourth Grade mbutler@cnpschools.org
Cruzan, Kari Fourth Grade kcruzan@cnpschools.org
Dyche, Debra Fourth Grade ddyche@cnpschools.org
Kubier, Jaymie Fourth Grade jkubier@cnpschools.org
Simon, Tara Fourth Grade tsimon@cnpschools.org
Stanfill, Kerri Fourth Grade kstanfill@cnpschools.org
Campbell, Terryle Fourth Grade tcampbell@cnpschools.org
Carr, Heather Fifth Grade hcarr@cnpschools.org
Cunningham, Cortney Fifth Grade ccunningham@cnpschools.org
DeQuasie, Shanon Fifth Grade sdequasie@cnpschools.org
Kraeer, Donna Fifth Grade dkraeer@cnpschools.org
Marvin, Sam Fifth Grade smarvin@cnpschools.org
Moore, Brad Fifth Grade bmoore@cnpschools.org
Wilkinson, Amanda Fifth Grade awilkinson@cnpschools.org
Bayless, Barbara Reading Specialist bbayless@cnpschools.org
Hartman, Sheila Reading Specialist shartman@cnpschools.org
Brawdy, Andrea Teacher abrawdy@cnpschools.org
Stern, Camilla Teacher cstern@cnpschools.org
Reed, Brenda Reading Spec. breed@cnpschools.org
Taylor, Crystal Speech Pathologist ctaylor@cnpschools.org
Shannon, Richard Teacher rshannon@cnpschools.org
Terrell, Kayna Physical Education kterrell@cnpschools.org
Ward, Robert Music rward@cnpschools.org
Support Personnel Position Email
Black, Rita Cafeteria Supervisor rblack@cnpschools.org
Brown, Robbin   rbrown@cnpschools.org
Burke, Tassie paraprofessional  
Andrea Floyd paraprofessional  
Forbes, Ronna    
Francis, Kyla paraprofessional  
Megan Rush paraprofessional mrush@cnpschools.org
Schlaepfer, Lynda   lschlaepfer@cnpschools.org