Contact Information

Superintendent's Office
Dr. Jim McCharen Superintendent of Schools   (405)769-1412
Anita Johnson Administrative Assistant
Superintendent (405)769-1412
Department of Personnel
Cindy Rogers Administrative Assistant - Certified Personnel (405)769-9882
Jeannie Frantz Administrative Assistant - Support Personnel (405)769-3073
Title Programs
Meda Beall Title Programs (405)769-1409
Department of Special Services/Curriculum
Donna Cooper Assistant Superintendent for Special Services/Instruction (405)769-8389
Peggy Williams Administrative Assistant -
Special Services (405)769-8389
Amy Loudermilk Administrative Assistant-Curriculum (405)769-1409
Janna Walters Instructional Technology Specialist (405)769-1410
Department of Finance/Indian Education
Kevin Berry Executive Director of Finance/Indian Education (405)769-8311
Kim Murrah Administrative Assistant -
Finance (405)769-8311
Sherri Brown Administrative Assistant - Payroll/Insurance (405)769-1281
Chris Linn Administrative Assistant -
Accounts Payable (405)769-1282
Billie Shires Administrative Assistant -
 Activity Funds (405)769-6736
Louann Millard Administrative Assistant-
Indian Education (405)769-3958
Department of Child Nutrition
Lori Lange Director of Child Nutrition (405)769-8313
Pat Rush Administrative Assistant -
 Child Nutrition (405)769-8313
Department of Technology
Forrest Freeman Director of Technology (405)769-1493
Butch Roberts Power School Administrator (405)769-1283
Teri Warren Power School Administrator (405)769-1459
Randy Bernardi Technology Specialist (405)769-1493
Chris Brazer Network Specialist (405)769-1493
Department of Maintenance
Brian Cannon Director of Maintenance (405)769-5696
Kathy Smith Administrative Assistant - Maintenance (405)769-5696
Department of Transportation
Donna Salinas Director of Transportation (405)769-9891
Suzy Lawson Administrative Assistant - Transportation (405)769-9891
Karen Johnson Administrative Assistant - Transportation (405)769-9891