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The Choctaw Nicoma Park Public Schools Foundation (CNPPSF) is an organization formed to support the public schools of the Choctaw-Nicoma Park School District. It was created in 1992 with the purpose of strengthening and enriching the educational opportunities provided to our students. The foundation provides support in the form of grants to teachers and school site grants. The funding for these grants comes by way of membership fees, fundraisers and private donations.


Grants to Schools and Teachers

Grants to Teachers:  The Choctaw Nicoma Park District is made up of nine schools.  Each school will be receiving a Grants to Teachers award up to $750.  This award may be given to one teacher or split among multiple teachers at the school site.  Applications must be submitted to the site principal.  The site principal will forward all applications to the Superintendent’s Office by October 14, 2015.  The CNPSF Board will select the winners and distribute award money to the selected recipients. 

Funding for grants is provided by way of fundraisers, membership fees, and private donations.  Grants will be awarded through available funding from previous school years.     

Tax deductible contributions

The Choctaw Nicoma Park Public School Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization and receives funding through the generosity of those who want to play a role in providing educational opportunities.  Tax deductible donations are received from individuals, businesses and other entities that share the desire to help others.  All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law and will be used for turning dreams into success.  The contributions will not take the place of state or local funds for school operating expenses.  The long-term goal of the Foundation is to build a substantial endowment which would provide assistance to students for generations to come.

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